GoGreenSolar Announces Acquisition of Solar Roof Dynamics


Anaheim, CA.  November 1, 2023 – GoGreenSolar, a subsidiary of Gigawatt Solar, Inc., today announced the strategic acquisition of Solar Roof Dynamics’ assets.  Solar Roof Dynamics will transition its national customer base of roofing contractors, electricians, builders and solar contractors to GoGreenSolar. GoGreenSolar will provide a full range of solar services and complete solar systems to Solar Roof Dynamics’ network. This acquisition helps GoGreenSolar to grow its contractor segment, in which the company provides solar design, plans, and services and then ships the solar system to the jobsite.  


“We have a long history of providing best-in-class services and products to our customers throughout the country,” states Deep Patel, Founder and CEO of GoGreenSolar.  “GoGreenSolar’s success to date is built on making the installation of solar easier for our customers.  We are excited about our acquisition of Solar Roof Dynamics, as it will help us extend our successful offerings into the roofing contractor channel and continue helping people throughout the country successfully add solar and batteries to their homes and businesses.”


“I started Solar Roof Dynamics back in 2013 to help the roofing industry transition into solar,” explains Aaron Nitzkin, Founder and CEO of Solar Roof Dynamics.  “GoGreenSolar is a best-in-class solar product distribution and services company, and I couldn’t think of a better company to benefit from the expertise and customer base we built at Solar Roof Dynamics.  Solar Roof Dynamics’ customers will be able to continue receiving premium solar equipment and key services from GoGreenSolar including permit packages, engineering, and interconnection support.” 

About GoGreenSolar

GoGreenSolar and sister company Planet Plansets are owned by GigaWatt Inc. GoGreenSolar has been in business since 2006 and is the leading product distribution and service provider to small contractors and DIY homeowners. GoGreenSolar supports contractors throughout the U.S. by enabling them to add solar and batteries into their offerings without adding dedicated solar staff. This is accomplished by providing affordable, best-in-class design and engineering services, permit-ready plansets, interconnection services, and support for installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting. For more information, please visit www.GoGreenSolar.com.  

About Solar Roof Dynamics

Solar Roof Dynamics is a premier distributor of solar products. Combining extensive solar and roofing expertise, a strong commitment to innovation, and industry-leading products and services, Solar Roof Dynamics helps roofing contractors integrate solar into their business quickly and easily so their consumers can enjoy the best possible solar installation.