Solar Roofs


Every home is unique, and an increasing number of homeowners are looking for solar roofing solutions that optimize not only the energy production and financial returns but also the aesthetics of their home. Solar Roof Dynamics is proud to offer the market leading roof integrated solar solutions for consumers that want to optimize the beauty of their homes. Now you can have solar panels that look like they are supposed to be on your roof instead of an afterthought.


For composition shingle roofs, the DecoTech solar roofing system by GAF includes a stunning black gloss finish and complements a variety of architectural styles – from modern homes to traditional colonials. The system’s sleek, low profile is integrated into your roof with no visible rails or wiring.

DecoTech is a polished solution for your solar roofing needs and its beauty will set your house apart from your neighbor’s “old fashioned” solar system. Consider DecoTech the cosmopolitan solar roof solution to traditional solar roofing systems.

GAF, the largest composition shingle manufacturer in the world, created the DecoTech system to preserve the integrity of your roof. Since the solar panels are integrated directly into your roof, the solar roof system minimizes the chance for roof leaks and prevents pests from getting under your solar system.

DecoTech: Designed by Solar Roofing Exerts, Made for You
1. Sleek Design
2. Deco Black Gloss Finish
3. High Perfomance
4. Protected Perimeter: DecoTech has counterflashing and step flashing which help protect against moisture and animal infestation

DecoTech’s solar roof offers peace of mind – it comes with a 25-year limited warranty and is priced competitively with traditional rack-mounted systems. It uses best-in-class standard solar modules and requires minimal maintenance.

And since many members of Solar Roof Dynamics’ Signature Dealer Network are vetted as GAF Solar Elite contractors, they are expertly trained to seamlessly install DecoTech to transform your home’s roof into a high performance solar roofing system. The competition can’t offer better service or a better solution.

Contact Solar Roof Dynamics to find out about our financing options and to see if a DecoTech solar roof will be your home’s crown jewel. Energy savings never looked so polished.

SunTegraTM Solar Roof System

For low profile concrete tile roofs, Suntegra has created an innovative solar roof tile product, SunTegra Solar Tiles. This solar roofing product integrates seamlessly into concrete tile roofing systems, creating a sleek, low profile solar solution. Not only do homeowners gain improved aesthetics, but they also get a durable solar roof designed to last 25 years. Now you don’t have to choose between a tile roof and a solar roof—you can have both!


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