Why Solar Roof Dynamics?

It’s a new era in solar energy installation, and we’re leading the way.

How? By helping roofing contractors integrate solar into their offerings to customers.

Solar Roof Dynamics is a premier distributor of solar roofing products in California. Combining extensive solar and roofing expertise, a strong commitment to innovation, and industry-leading products and services, we help roofing contractors integrate solar into their businesses quickly and easily so their customers can enjoy the best possible solar installation. If you are a professional roofing contractor who wants to expand your business by offering solar, contact us to learn more about our Signature Dealer Network. Signature Dealers benefit from a customized program that can help save time and money, making it easy for them to significantly grow their business and increase their bottom line. Best of all, we make it simple. If you are a consumer looking for a competent, vetted contractor to help you assess the condition of your roof and the viability of solar on your business or home, contact us here. We are members of and/or support several industry associations including:



California Solar Energy Industries Association



Solar Energy Industries Association



National Roofing Contractors Association



Western States Roofing Expo



Roof Integrated Solar Energy



Davis Chamber of Commerce