calculatorAffordable Solutions

Solar systems are affordable for every type of budget. Numerous solutions exist today that require no upfront investment.

Empower your family with solar and free yourself from your utility company’s rate increases and a rising electric bill as your house ages. We have partnered with the leading providers of solar financing products to ensure that each customer gets the best solution to meet their needs and the optimal return on their investment.

By going solar, you will lock-in lower electricity costs for decades.

…And as a bonus, know that you are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

Market Leading Solar Financing Solutions

At Solar Roof Dynamics we ensure that our Signature Dealers have access to the market’s leading solar financing solutions, which in turn enables them to customize the ideal financing package for each of their customers.

Going solar is a great investment. Like any big financial decision, it’s important that solar customers understand the best available options. When you select a Solar Roof Dynamics Signature Dealer, you can rest assured that they will be knowledgeable about all of the financing, incentives and rebate options available to you in your local market to make the most of your energy investment.


Go solar for ZERO down and start saving immediately

Our available financing solutions include:

  1. Leases / Power Purchase Agreements
  2. Prepaid Leases / Power Purchase Agreements
  3. Unsecured Loans
  4. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loans

Contact us today, and we’ll have a sales executive from one of our Signature Dealers contact you to discuss your specific financing needs.