There’s no better time to install solar.

Solar Roof Dynamics offers a modern approach to creating a sustainable and integrated solar roofing business.

Solar Roof Dynamics is both a premier distributor of solar products and an originator that connects consumers to a network of vetted, high quality solar roofing contractors. Combining extensive solar and roofing expertise, a strong commitment to innovation, and industry-leading products and services, Solar Roof Dynamics helps roofing contractors integrate solar into their business quickly and easily so their consumers can enjoy the best possible solar installation. This model ensures consumer protection by reducing the workmanship problems from inexperienced contractors tied to defective roof penetrations and roof flashings – all of which lead to damaged roofs and often roof leaks. Through this model, Solar Roof Dynamic also gives consumers the opportunity to install solar at the best possible time when they are replacing and/or repairing their roof because the product lifecycles match up perfectly. 

Solar Roof Dynamics serves consumers directly by connecting those interested in going solar with a vetted member of its Signature Dealer Network. Contact us today if you are interested in going solar.

Roofing contractors, please click here for more information about our Signature Dealer Network.


Ygrene Energy Fund Partners with Solar Roof Dynamics